• Proactive Managed IT Services

  • Rather than waiting for things to break, why not try to prevent problems altogether?

    Progressive Computer Solutions is is now offering a new service called "Proactive Managed IT Services".

    By paying a small monthly fee per computer or server, our software will automatically monitor your computers or servers in your home or office and alert you on any critical issues that need to be resolved in order to prevent costly service calls.  We will also send you monthly health reports showing you the status of all devices.

    1. Antivirus status.  (Check if it's up to date and performing as expected)
    2. Security Patches.  (Check for any missing critical patches)
    3. *Backup.  (Show you the status of all backups - backup functionality must be purchased separately if needed)
    4. Alert monitoring.  (We keep an eye on any alerts and notify you as needed)
    5. Monitor.  (We monitor hardware, software, operating systems, hard drive memory, and CPU usage to let you know how everything is performing)
    6. Monthly Report.  (You will receive a monthly report showing status of your environment)
    7. Customer portal so you can create and keep track of tickets.
    8. Knowledge base articles.  (to help users resolve issues without having to call for support)

    The main idea behind proactive monitoring is to minimize or even prevent issues from happening for a fixed monthly fee.  

    *Backup is charged at $0.50 per used gigabyte per month. You will receive a report monthly showing space used.  Click Here for a sample report.

    Call us at (716) 539-9555 to schedule a call so we can explain this service in detail.